McGookey writes picture perfect short little prose poems, they never tease but they are frequently testy. Two Kinds of Anger A possum on the dirt road, pink mouth open, insides bare to sky. Their mechanical buzz rises into the day, into the promise of heat shimmering over the swamp. A swallowtail, its yellow wings bright with sun, dips and swoops through the swarm. It lands at the wound to feed. Today’s book of poetry is going a little wider of our mark than usual, we’re including four poems today by McGookey simple because we like them that much.

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It is quite true that in the United States I never noticed that close and senti- mental intimacy between human beings and quadrupeds so frequently seen in France. American life is so active, so desperately crowded, either usefully or socially, that per- haps it does not permit the loss of time inevi- tably brought about by friendly intercourse with a dog. As for children, I believe that their importance is equally great in all coun- tries; but it asserts itself in a more noisy manner in America than anywhere else.

Everything is sacrificed to them, for they represent the future, which is all that counts For a biographical and critical paper by Will II. Yet no one must suppose that, before presenting an apology for French chil- dren, I intend to malign American children, as certain travelers have taken the liberty of doing very thoughtlessly, although they had met them only on steamships, cars, or at ho- tels, enjoying a holiday with that buoyancy which is the characteristic mark of the whole race.

I have known some who were very well brought up, even from our point of view, and among those who were not I have admired precocious sense, vivacity of mind, quiet de- termination, and capacity for self-govern- ment, qualities which I should wish for all ours.

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It is the largest U. At the census, the city population was , and it is the economic and educational hub of Central New York, a region with over a million inhabitants. Syracuse is also well-provided with convention sites, with a convention complex. Syracuse was named after the original Greek city Syracuse, a city on the eastern coast of the Italian island of Sicily. The city has functioned as a crossroads over the last two centuries, first between the Erie Canal and its branch canals, then of the railway network.

Today, Syracuse is located at the intersection of Interstates 81 and 90, Syracuse is home to Syracuse University, a major research university, as well as Le Moyne College, a nationally recognized liberal arts college. In , Forbes rated Syracuse 4th in the top 10 places in the U. Marie de Gannentaha, on the northeast shore of Onondaga Lake, Jesuit missionaries visiting the Syracuse region in the mid s reported salty brine springs around the southern end of Salt Lake, known today as Onondaga Lake.

It is the north flowing brine from Tully that is the source of salt for the salty springs found along the shoreline of Onondaga lake, the rapid development of this industry in the 18th and 19th centuries led to the nicknaming of Syracuse as The Salt City.

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This shape is far less likely to “hang up” than are other lead jigs with round or bullet shaped heads. Now that doesn’t mean their good for all circumstances. They are absolutely not intended for fishing in grass or other forms of thick vegetation.

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A member of the public used a mobile phone to capture the hook-up between Candice and Williams at the Clovelly Hotel in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on a Saturday night in April

And life got more awkward for the Australian vice-captain after rugby star Sonny Bill Williams checked into the same hotel as the Aussie team. The ugly scenes during the Test series all come back to a tryst that took place more than a decade ago between Williams and Candice. Candice turned professional as an ironwoman in aged just During the first Test, Warner confronted South African wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock in a stairwell in Durban after he allegedly made a comment about Candice.

Both players were charged with breaching the code of conduct. The taunts continued during the second Test in Port Elizabeth when some spectators wore masks of Williams to the ground. The nasty stunt took a turn when two Cricket South Africa CSA officials were photographed alongside some of the fans who were wearing the masks. CSA apologised for the incident but the organiser of the stunt did not. The bullying of Candice has stirred debate about the merits of sledging in cricket and cast a dark shadow over the on-field action.

Bulldogs players were celebrating their win over the South Sydney Rabbitohs the night before. The pair met at the establishment where they started dancing and kissing.

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Margaux and Sonny. While Margaux has taken an interest in bringing Sonny down as of late, it seems Port Charles’ new district attorney will get a little personal as she continues to try and bring the mobster down. GH spoilers tease that Margaux will cross the line of her professional boundaries, and remain committed to taking Sonny out.

I’ll send you a text BabyBangs, She said, are not intended to be worn all day. They’re a novelty item used for ”fashion and fun. Thenew cabinet will be unveiled at about 11 a. If you’re squeamish about needles, the intradermal shot is a nice option because it uses a tiny micro-needle to inject the vaccine just under the skin, rather than deeper in the muscle like standard flu shots. This year’s version will protect against three strains of influenza, and is recommended to those ages 18 to Leisure travel rose by 9 per cent.

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General Hospital , Soap Opera , Spoiler , Television The General Hospital writers have to be creative with new couples seeing as how the majority of Port Charles has already hooked up with each other. Ava and Sonny shared a hot and steamy make-out session in the Quartermaine Family crypt. Their chilling scene may just go down in General Hospital history. In a sick twisted way Ava and Sonny are really perfect for each other, they both have demons to deal with and are both trying to cover up their recent murders.

Rumors have been making their rounds on the internet for months that Sonny and Ava wind up married, and it makes perfect sense.

This guide, very simply, walks through the basics of speaker placement, how to hook everything up, and how to change a few settings to really make your system shine. Throughout this article are links to other articles that go into more depth on each topic.

In the film, the notion that the people of the future live in a weirdly fascistic society with whippings and public executions is treated in a playful, campy way, pretty much what you’d expect from the man who gave us Showgirls. They’re pretty much the exact same movie. Robert Heinlein’s book, though, is really a coming-of-age story in which protagonist Johnny Rico transitions from child to adult in a time of war and in so doing learns the value and necessity of the ultra-right-wing government he serves and defends.

Militarism isn’t mocked — it’s glorified. And Heinlein wasn’t much for leaving it up to the readers to decide for themselves; the subtext is more like something Glenn Beck would scream just as he was pushed down a staircase built by illegal-immigrant death-panelists. Continue Reading Below Advertisement For example, the robot-suit action in the book is regularly broken up by lectures on such subjects as capital punishment, the need for a strong national defense and how a military-run government is the way to achieve utopia.

These take the form of actual literal lectures in Johnny’s history and moral philosophy class. They go on for pages and pages and are full of nuggets like this: The biggest difference between them and humans is that they attack by the millions and have no sense of individuality whatsoever. It turns out that Heinlein really, really hated communism. He started the book right after the Korean War, and just by coincidence, the implacable, inhuman menace that the brave soldiers of the future have to fight is a horde of collectivist, expansionist insects.

As if the symbolism wasn’t obvious enough, he adds lines such as, “We were discovering, expensively, just how efficient a total communism can be when used by a people actually adapted to it by evolution. Perhaps we could have figured it out about the Bugs by noting the problems the Chinese Hegemony gave the Russo-Anglo-American Alliance. He just writes this shit on his palm and delivers it to you bitch-style.

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