Research on the early pottery of China had been conducted mostly in central and southern China; in contrast, research in northern China has been restricted, and only 5 sites had been discovered to date. Therefore, additional data is needed to foster the progress of research on early pottery in northern China. Given this situation, there is great value in the investigation of the many potsherds associated with microblade industry that have been found in secondary sediments of Layer 5 of the Lingjing site in Henan Province, on the Huang-Huai Plain at the southern end of the North China Plain. Based on AMS 14C dates ca. On the basis of archaeological research on early pottery, including examples from Lingjing, it appears that pottery in northern China generally emerged at the beginning of the Holocene Therefore, this emergence of pottery was likely related to the rapid warming just after the end of the last glacial period, after the Younger Dryas.

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Chinese lose patience with pollution 06 Dec However, officials continue to insist drinking water in Liuzhou is safe and will remain so even as the cadmium continues to flow into the Liujiang River. The authorities have dumped hundreds of tons of aluminium chloride into the Longjiang River in an effort to dissolve the cadmium. On Sunday, though, Mr Xu revealed that only 7 tons of the estimated 20 tons discharged has been neutralised. A man collects water samples from the polluted Longjiang River in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region Reuters Residents in Liuzhou and along the affected rivers are increasingly angry as the extent of the pollution becomes clear with questions being asked over why it took so long for the spill to be made public, as well as the failure of the local authorities both to identify the exact source of the discharge and when it took place.

Elevated levels of cadmium, a toxic metal used in batteries, were first detected in the Longjiang River on January 15th, but news of the contamination only emerged last week. A local mining company was initially blamed for the spill, but all seven of the heavy metal-producing factories along the Longjiang River have been shut down, an indication that the origin of the pollution is still unknown.

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Many stories are told about him, including the fact that he became famous for his brew after donating a batch to the emperor. He praised the drink, declaring that it stimulated the appetite and restored his energy, and immediately afterwards dubbed Du Kang “an immortal of wine”. Moreover, it is told that a man who had taken a liking to wine visited Du Kang’s wine cellar for a more thorough study.

After many containers and even more words of praise, the man finally wished to pay, but was not permitted to by Du Kang, who instead asked him to pay in three years and in accordance with the drink’s true value. Smelling of alcohol, the man returned to his home and fell into a deep stupor for three days. His family, who thought he had died, mourned him and allowed him to be buried. When Du Kang came three years later to collect his payment, the family accused him of murder and demanded that he pay with his own life.

7 killed, dozens injured in Liuzhou explosions [Video]

Everyone likes to see a good video of a large building being completely reduced to rubble. This video goes one better. The footage, taken on December 30, shows a floor residential building being demolished in the city of Liuzhou in southern China. Scroll down for video So far so good: The building in Liuzhou, southern China, seconds before the planned demolition We’re still ok: The initial blast successfully breaks the building into two parts Er

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Economy[ edit ] Liuzhou city center in Liuzhou is the second largest city in Guangxi and is the region’s industrial center. It is an ideal base for exploring the minority villages in the area. Sanjiang lies to the north of Liuzhou near the Hunan border. It is a Dong minority area and is surrounded by picturesque ethnic minority villages.

Transport[ edit ] Liuzhou Airport provides flights to major cities in China. Liuzhou has extensive rail connections with the rest of China. Hunan-Guangxi Railway Hengyang – Pingxiang , a. Qian-Gui Line make Liuzhou the center of freight transportation in Guangxi. Military[ edit ] Liuzhou is the headquarters of the 41st Group Army of the People’s Liberation Army , one of the two army groups that comprise the Guangzhou Military Region responsible for the defense of China’s southern coast and its border with Vietnam.

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Among a population at high risk for depression but under-studied and under-served. Abstract Female sex workers are at high risk for depression in China but they are understudied and underserved. Based on cognitive models of depression, dysfunctional beliefs about oneself and others may act as vulnerability factors for depression.

Aerial photo taken of the expressway linking Liuzhou and Nanning shows traffic congestion. China’s transport system saw rising traffic Wednesday as millions of people started to return to work.

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Autonomous Region of Guangxi Altitude: The area around Liuzhou was settled as long as 15, years ago. By the place had achieved a certain eminence and since it has had its present name. Liu Zongyuan , a famous man of letters and minister of rites under the Tang dynasty, was exiled to Liuzhou in after failed attempts at gaining reforms but by his merits rose to be a town elder and enjoyed great prestige among the population.

He has left a splendid description ofthe town. Today Liuzhou is predominantly an industrial centre.

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Less than an hour away from Shanghai by train, Suzhou is known as a top tourist destination in China—worth visiting for a couple of days if you can fit it into your travel itinerary. So take a gondola ride through the canals and chill out with some tea as you listen to water babbling down the rocks and into the gardens before merging into peaceful frog ponds. But still, the city is still attractively photogenic with plenty of these tourist-friendly gardens dotted around Suzhou to enjoy—about 60 remaining compared to their heyday when there were some privately owned gardens.

Occupying a strategic position on the Grand Canal, Suzhou quickly became a major trading center for silk and other goods. The longest canal in the world, the Grand Canal—like the Great Wall of China —was assembled over many years from smaller, existing pieces to facilitate commerce and war preparations. Locals like to point out that while the Great Wall was designed to prevent communication, the Grand Canal was intended to promote it.

With the increased flow of trade, traders flooded in and set up shop in Suzhou. Money continued to pour into the city and local merchants got crazy rich. And naturally, the nouveau riche expended quite a bit of energy keeping up with the Zhous. Back then, the ultimate status symbol was having a kick-ass garden. So the arms race began as local fat cats tried to outdo each other with increasingly bigger and more spectacular gardens.

Similarly, Suzhou prospered after the first Ming Emperor founded his capital in nearby Nanjing later moved back to Beijing.

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Rare Spirit Bottles Spotted in Ancient Tomb Archeologists have found two rare celadon porcelain bottles in an ancient tomb dating from the Song Dynasty (), at Liuzhou City in south China’s.

By Feng Lu chinadaily. Two springs in Liutang town Liutang town is located in the southwest of Liucheng county. It was a main post from Fengshan to Qingyuanfu in the old days. Although Liutang is not beside a river, two springs have been providing an adequate water supply for its people. It is said that the origin of its name has something to do with Zhuge Liang, dating back to the Three Kingdoms period, years ago.

The other spring is Tangshangwen Spring in the south of Ji town. It also supplies water for local people every day.

CRH2A D9665 – Guilin (桂林) → Liuzhou (柳州)(7/29/2015)