With retention being such a crucial issue as the economy recovers and job hopping becomes easier, we wanted to be sure to cover this on the Lighthouse leadership blog. Save some of these links for deep diving later and leave this week smarter than you started! Building or managing a successful company means crafting and keeping a great team. They also save you money on costs of hiring and new staff training, and your company and culture become more stable with less turnover. One fundamental thing to realize about employee retention is that the effort starts on day 1. Recruiting , Hiring , and Onboarding all factor into Employee Retention efforts. Working for a company is a mutual agreement that benefits both sides.

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Classified Ads Felchlin, Charles: Berne – Switzerland around A good and very attractive 6 keyed bone mounted ebony flute stamped on all 5 joints: Dense black ebony mounted with 5 bone rings and headcap, tuneable metal lined head joint with crack 8. Torino – Italy around An interesting 6 keyed horn mounted Italian boxwood flute in remarkable good original condition, bearing the maker’s stamp on every joint: Very good playing condition, 3 original bone rings, solid silver key, original brass cover at the end of the recorder, the bottom part is slightly bent, total length

This keys you in to being true to yourself rather than following a prescriptive set of rules. It’s easier to act authentically carefree and breezy when you’re dating someone if you’re not sure how much you like them at first, and if they’re not playing games with you.

Although the tournament was discontinued decades ago, today the award recognizes ocean-related leaders who have had significant impact on the exploration, enjoyment, safety and preservation of the underwater world in the fields of art, sports and education, distinguished services, environment and science. Bauer was honored for her contributions in sports and education within the diving community. She is devoted to teaching others how to make diving safe and enjoyable, and about the oceans and life within.

Bauer combined her love of the sea with her career as an emergency room physician when she began diving in the s. In she and her late husband Dr. Joe Bauer donated their vast collection of historic dive gear and artifacts to create the nonprofit History of Diving Museum in Islamorada, Florida. In she was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame. Visitors can view rare and priceless artifacts as well as unique and antiquarian books in the Diving History Research Library. Publications dating from the s cover all forms of diving topics as well as nautical fiction and nonfiction.

World-renowned marine artist and part-time Florida Keys resident Wyland also has been honored with the NOGI Award, receiving it in for his contributions to the arts. History of Diving Museum information:

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Oct 03,  · Addiko Mobile is a mobile banking service of Addiko Bank available in Croatian and English language, providing a range of benefits such as simple, secure and cheaper payment via mobile devices and performs payments using the camera on your device; the /5(3K).

Early[ edit ] While evidence suggests human occupation as far back as BC, the first maps of the area date to , when it was labeled “Las Islas Sabines” by a Spanish cartographer. The only ancient burial found in Cedar Key was a 2, year-old skeleton found in The tower was destroyed by a Spanish force in In , General Zachary Taylor requested the Cedar Keys be reserved for military use for the duration of the war, and that Seahorse Key be permanently reserved for a lighthouse.

The primary depot for the U. Army in Florida at the time was at Palatka. A hurricane with a foot 8. Some Seminole leaders had been meeting with Army officers at Depot Key to negotiate their surrender or a retreat to a reservation in the Everglades.


All genuine Porsche Speedster parts were used in the renovation. The vehicle was completely stripped back and renovated, new windscreen, cabriolet hood and Speedster humps were installed, the interior was also upgraded to Speedster specifications. The turbo inter-cooler was relocated to the front of the car allowing for a flat engine lid to complete the conversion. All original panels except doors due to being a Speedster – Engine dry- Yes.

Results for Keys & Locksmith, Expo and HVAC. Results for Keys & Locksmith, Expo and HVAC Dating 4 ; Delivery Services 2 ; Dry Cleaning & Laundry All other specialty trade contractors specifically insulation of mechanical systems hvac steam systems chilled systems.

We all are impacted by them, but have you thought about how much of our happiness actually comes from being in a healthy relationship? MTV did, and conducted a massive study to see what made their viewers ages the happiest To be happy at home isn’t limited to the younger audience either. USA Today surveyed an older audience and discovered the same pattern. The majority of people in the United States define happiness more from the health of their relationships than by their income, house, car, or job success combined!

God designed us to experience connected relationships and so when we are blessed enough to be in one life is great. However, when we are in a struggling relationship it saps the joy and sucks the energy out of life. If you are having the time of your life with the people in your home, rejoice and make some great memories! And if you aren’t, then here are some tips to help you find the love and laughter again.

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Home Cookin’ The old Cavaliers — the team that won three straight Eastern Conference titles and ran off 18 of 19 earlier this year — are in there somewhere. We spotted them in the first quarter last night in Orlando. The Cavaliers have another chance to turn the tide, make a statement on national TV and make hay in their home gym. The six turnovers are problematic, but the King and Co. But those who watched the game saw something different — the fact that James scored only nine of those points, while tallying zero boards and zero assists after intermission.

Countless innocent people use dating sites, social networking sites, and chat rooms to socially engage with other people. And many succeed with a so badly wanted relationships. But scammers also use these dating sites to meet potential preys.

Print Advertisement In the mid s, during our first few seasons excavating the long-dead city archaeologists call Harappa, my colleagues and I watched the passage of the annual spring fairs without realizing their implications for our studies of the ancient Indus civilization. Every year in Pakistans Indus River Valley, people living in villages travel to larger towns to attend festivals called sang–“gathering fairs” where musicians, performers and circus troupes entertain the crowds while itinerant merchants and traders hawk their wares.

During the single-day event, women present religious offerings to professional pilgrims, who, on the womens behalf, will later petition the Sufisaint Sakhi Sarwar for healthy children, especially sons. At days end the holy sojourners and their colorful secular entourage make their way by foot and donkey cart to the next town along the regions age-old trade routes [see illustration on page 28]. Eventually various groups of devout wayfarers arriving from different parts of the country converge on the saints tomb hundreds of kilometers away in the Baluchistan hills.

Here they deliver the alms and prayers they have collected during their treks to the saints precinct. Making their way along the same path the next year, the pilgrims bear salt and sacred earth from the distant shrine, tokens of favor for the fortunate mothers and their precious newborns. Our view of the sang changed significantly when we began digging inside the southern gateway of Harappa, just adjacent to the traditional fairgrounds.

As we sifted the uppermost soil from the newly opened trenches, we recovered modern pottery shards, hundreds of pieces of recently manufactured glass bangles, some contemporary coins, lead pellets from the air guns fired at balloons during the festival, fragments of plastic and metal toys, even a gold earring. Just below the surface levels, however, we began finding ancient Harappan artifacts that were surprisingly similar to the modern flotsam: The buried remains suggested that a thriving market existed in the vicinity and that the activities conducted there some four millennia ago were not unlike those occurring even now.

Our further work has confirmed that belief. As today, nearby villagers would come to the big city on special market or festival days to participate in ceremonies, to renew family or clan ties, or to buy or barter for specially crafted items such as ornaments and pottery.

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All these rumors dating back to the summer of when Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck promised fireworks. Well, Danny Ainge and Mike Zarren finally cashed in on this promise this summer adding a.

Getty Images More The long-reported tension between Minnesota Timberwolves teammates Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns comes to a head when the former sits down with coach and team president Tom Thibodeau to discuss his future with the franchise. If making the Wolves the best possible version of themselves was the primary goal of both players, one would think that Towns wants to make sure Butler remains in Minnesota before signing a deal that would keep him on the team that drafted him first overall through What does this mean for Jimmy Butler?

But what if appeasing Butler means parting ways with Towns? What does this mean for Karl-Anthony Towns? Towns is a year-old coming off his first All-NBA appearance and still on his rookie contract. But what if walking away from Thibodeau means parting ways with Butler? This is the conundrum. What does this mean for the Timberwolves? The result was a win turnaround, an eighth seed in the West and a five-game loss to the Houston Rockets that seemed like something to build upon.