Bibliography Assessment Strategies and Tools: Checklists, Rating Scales and Rubrics Checklists, rating scales and rubrics are tools that state specific criteria and allow teachers and students to gather information and to make judgements about what students know and can do in relation to the outcomes. They offer systematic ways of collecting data about specific behaviours, knowledge and skills. The quality of information acquired through the use of checklists, rating scales and rubrics is highly dependent on the quality of the descriptors chosen for assessment. The purpose of checklists, rating scales and rubrics is to: Tips for Developing Checklists, Rating Scales and Rubrics Use checklists, rating scales and rubrics in relation to outcomes and standards.

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WIPO GREEN Network. Green matchmaking. In addition to matchmaking via the database and Partner initiatives, from time to time WIPO GREEN organizes regional matchmaking projects focused on specific fields of technology. Licensing checklist. The WIPO GREEN Licensing Checklist is designed for those involved in negotiating technology.

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Matchmaking Service

It is also a gateway to a range of useful services. Its members partners and users include: This provides participants with the unique opportunity to directly make targeted matches in a face-to-face setting. Each matchmaking project consists of field visits by selected expert consultants who interact with key local stakeholders in order to gain a clear understanding of the technological needs on the ground.

These needs are then analysed and matched with potential technological solutions — forming the basis for a matchmaking event bringing together selected stakeholders, seekers, potential providers of solutions, the finance community, and other experts.

The most important step to securing funding for your small business or startup is meeting your potential lender face-to-face.

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Skill Requirement Worksheet and Checklist checklist Matching people and skills to your project is tricky. Use this worksheet and checklist to help plan your resource requirements. Proposal Coordination Checklist checklist Putting together a proposal requires a great deal of coordination.

Matchmaking Service At ASD, we provide a business matchmaking solution on the show floor to help assign buyers with the right vendors. To get started, fill out the form below and set up your appointment with our Attendee Concierge team on show site.

Are you smashing, too? However, do we actually always know what our performance bottlenecks exactly are? Is it expensive JavaScript, slow web font delivery, heavy images, or sluggish rendering? And, most importantly, where do we even start improving performance and how do we establish a performance culture long-term? Back in the day, performance was often a mere afterthought. Often deferred till the very end of the project, it would boil down to minification, concatenation, asset optimization and potentially a few fine adjustments on the server’s config file.

Looking back now, things seem to have changed quite significantly. Performance isn’t just a technical concern: Performance has to be measured, monitored and refined continually, and the growing complexity of the web poses new challenges that make it hard to keep track of metrics, because metrics will vary significantly depending on the device, browser, protocol, network type and latency CDNs, ISPs, caches, proxies, firewalls, load balancers and servers all play a role in performance.

So, if we created an overview of all the things we have to keep in mind when improving performance — from the very start of the process until the final release of the website — what would that list look like? Below you’ll find a hopefully unbiased and objective front-end performance checklist for — an overview of the issues you might need to consider to ensure that your response times are fast, user interaction is smooth and your sites don’t drain user’s bandwidth.

You can also just download the checklist PDF 0. That’s why we publish articles, create books and run Smashing TV featuring what we all can do to improve performance. Smashing Members also get live debugging audits and live performance optimization sessions.

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We sometimes can take for granted that our k’s essentially run themselves once we set up our contributions and select our investments. Review your contribution amount. This does not included a matching contribution from your employer.

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Choosing to go from all of your hopeless and fruitless alternatives to a professional matchmaking service is a bit nerve-wracking for you. You may have already invested quite a lot of time and money into all your other failed attempts at finding the right one. How do I know what matchmaking service is right for me? What are the questions that I need to ask in order to determine what service is the best service that may have the right type of person for me? Having been in the matchmaking industry for the last 19 yrs, I will give you the information you need in order to make the best choice for your personal situation.

BUYER CHECKLIST. It’s important to plan ahead. Below is a checklist to help you prepare for your trip to ASD Market Week. Need more buyer resources before the show, Make appointments to see vendors through ASD Matchmaking Services; Search the vendor directory.

An approved calculator Epinephrine auto-injectors e. For policies on other medications and medical devices, contact Services for Students with Disabilities. They cannot be on your desk during the test. Learn more about testing with accommodations. Your school counselor can share a complete list of prohibited devices—just ask to see the Official Student Guide. Be sure to turn off your watch alarm, if you have one. Test centers are serious about security and quiet, so prohibited devices—which include cellphones, tablets, and MP3 players—must be turned off and put under your desk.

Leave them at home. If You Bring or Use Prohibited Devices The test administration staff is encouraged to collect and hold phones and other prohibited electronic devices during the test administration, including break periods, or to deny admission to anyone who is in possession of a prohibited electronic device. If your device makes noise or you are seen using it at any time, including during breaks, you may be dismissed immediately, your scores can be canceled, and the device may be confiscated and its contents inspected.

The College Board is not responsible for loss or damage to personal items, including electronic devices, while you are in the test center.

Principles and Scenarios to which they apply Construction Guidelines If you decide to use a matching format, take the time to construct items that are valid and reliable. Here are some guidelines for this. Your clear directions at the start of each question need two parts:

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Assessments should reveal how well students have learned what we want them to learn while instruction ensures that they learn it. For this to occur, assessments, learning objectives, and instructional strategies need to be closely aligned so that they reinforce one another. To ensure that these three components of your course are aligned, ask yourself the following questions: What do I want students to know how to do when they leave this course?

What kinds of tasks will reveal whether students have achieved the learning objectives I have identified? What kinds of activities in and out of class will reinforce my learning objectives and prepare students for assessments? What if the components of a course are misaligned? If assessments are misaligned with learning objectives or instructional strategies, it can undermine both student motivation and learning. Consider these two scenarios: Your objective is for students to learn to apply analytical skills, but your assessment measures only factual recall.

Consequently, students hone their analytical skills and are frustrated that the exam does not measure what they learned.

Follow These Steps First Review the instructions and program admission requirements. Enter all United States and Canadian college courses using personal copies of your transcripts. Complete the Reference s section, so your evaluators have adequate time to respond. Complete the Observation Hours section, so a licensed physical therapist can verify your experiences.

Checklist To help you with your participation in ALUMINIUM we created this checklist with tips concerning the trade fair. This should help you with your planning.

Your purchase will involve factors like securing executive support, budgeting, comparison shopping, and evaluating providers. Follow our step-by-step checklist to take the guesswork out of the process while making a strong purchase decision that will facilitate growth for your business. What functions do you regularly use? What tasks are you performing manually? What new capabilities would you like to have?

Where are the friction points that cause lost time and productivity? They will be in the best position to tell you what new features would be most helpful and where the current pain points are. The business needs analysis formalizes the research you have already done. It also digs deeper into details like data tracking, reports, industry specific needs, payroll specifications, asset management, work orders, etc.

In addition to the specific functionalities already identified, your requirements list should address questions such as: Will the system be cloud-based or self-hosted?

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